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Smarter, More Productive Websites for Small Businesses — Optimization – Analytics – AdWords

We are a team of highly experienced and personable professionals with a deep knowledge of the power of digital marketing. We integrate tested marketing principles with the latest online strategies to make your small business website stand out from the crowd in the digital marketplace.

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What We Do for Small Business Owners

OPTIMIZATION: We make your website more search engine friendly…We evaluate each page of your website to determine if your site is optimized for Google and other search engines. We also assess your site’s compatibility with mobile devices. Then, we create a plan that will make your web pages more search engine friendly and move you ahead in Google organic (non-paid) and other search engine results.

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ANALYTICS: We uncover and analyze the visitor information hidden in your website…We use Google Analytics and other website analysis tools to discover who visits your site. We help you understand where the visitors come from and what they do while on your site. We match this information to your marketing goals, develop visitor profiles and create strategies to capture more customers and increase revenue.

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ADWORDS: We advertise your website on page 1 of Google Search results…We develop targeted AdWords pay-per-click programs that will put your website at the top of Google Search results and drive more customers to your site. At the same time, we evaluate your social media footprint and develop complementary marketing strategies to increase your web presence and attract more customers.

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Google Analytics Plan

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